Creating A User Friendly Home

Homes are designed and built by people who don’t usually live in them. Once you move into your dream home, you may begin to identify design elements that are cosmetically pleasing but really don’t serve sensible living. I see this in kitchens, bathrooms and pantry’s, where builders don’t consider full utilization of cabinet space. We find many cabinets have hidden areas, half shelves and space that is wasted. In these case we offer a great problem solving product call Glide-Out Shelves.
Glide out or pull outs, are a great way to get more use out of existing space without having to completely remodel your kitchen or bath. Using the latest technology, glide out shelves are custom fit to your existing shelf thus increasing the space, and adding full extension for optimal ease and organization. Plus glide out shelves make it easy to find pots, pans and can goods lost to the dark recesses of the cabinet, by allowing you to extend the entire shelf into the sunlight!
Now not all glide outs are made equal and this is where you, as the consumer, must be diligent. You can get cheaper quality glide outs, for a cheaper price, but believe me you will regret it. Aluminum rails and mounts just don’t hold the weight that steel ones will. Plus the construction and materials used in the box itself are vital to smooth glide and long term use. So consider these issues when choosing the glide out company for your self.
1. What material is used in the box or drawer itself? Our line uses top quality 1/4 inch, 9 ply Baltic birch, on all five sides. This means that all four sides and the bottom of the drawer or box are all made of the same material.
2. How is the box constructed? Top quality glide outs will be made with dove tail construction and pressurized. Cheaper products are nailed together or glued and can not stand the test of time in a well used kitchen.
3. What are the rails and mounts made of? Ours are made of American made steel not aluminum or cheap steel. The cheaper the rails and months the less they can hold and shorter life expectancy they have.
4. How much weight can the drawers hold full extended? Top of the live products like ours can hold 100 lbs and offer 100%, full extension glide out of the drawer. Lesser products will only glide out 3/4 of way and can’t hold the really heavy stuff.
5. Who is installing them and what is the guarantee? Our installers have been trained by the best and their work is top notch. We offer a life time guaranteed on product and installation. This means if for any reason they fail, any reason other than abuse, we fix them for free. Most cheaper brands offer 90 days.
6. Last but not least, where is your product made? We are a small family owned business and the boxes/drawers are made right here in Austin. We are not a chain or live out of state. When you talk you us, you are talking to the owners and our reputation depends upon your satisfaction.
Remember glide outs don’t have to be expensive we offer the highest quality product for 1/2 the cost of the other big name brands. There is no need to pay more when you can save money and get what you want.
It pays to be diligent and get referrals from clients as well. This is the only way you are assured that you are are dealing with reputable and reliable people. And we have many referrals from your friends and neighbors. Just ask!
Stop by and see the helpful folks of Custom Living of Austin to learn more about solving the problems in your home January 13-15 at the Austin Convention Center at the Austin Home & Garden Show!

Spring Cleaning?! Read Up!

The closet is a great place to start your Spring Cleaning & Organizing!
Closet Factory, one of our Central KY exhibitors has put together the following tips to help you get started!

Code Your Closet

Color coding your closet makes it simple to find the clothes you’re looking for, and creates an order that is deeply pleasing to the eye. There’s also another great reason to color code your closet: to find out if you need another black skirt. Without your clothing sorted by type and color, you can’t effectively see the black skirts you own, so you probably think “yes” and go buy a new one. However, if all eight of your black skirts were placed together, you might think again.
Ready to try it? Begin with these simple steps.
Step 1
Start by separating clothes by type: shirts, pants, etc.
Step 2
Starting with shirts, sort by color. Move to pants, and so on.
Step 3
Choose your color coding method. There are many ways to go but we’ve narrowed it down to the two most effective:
• Light to Dark – Start with white and gradually make your way to darker colors by sight. If colors become too similar use a dividing color in an accommodating color family. For example, separate navy blues from blacks by inserting a section of light blue clothing.
• ROYGBIV – Roy-gee-biv! Sort by the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Many people believe it’s the best way to go about color coding a closet—it’s easy to remember and provides greater contrast between groups. You’ll have to decide for yourself the best place for your blacks, whites, browns and grays.
Step 4
For multi-colored items, simply determine the dominant color of the item. You may even want to create a section just for patterned clothing so that you not only color code your closet by color, but also by solids and prints.
Step 5
Experiment. Figure out what works best for you. There are no set rules when it comes to color coding a closet. Learn which method of color coding looks better to you and which method will be easiest for you to maintain.
Visit Closet Factory’s booth at the Central KY Home & Garden Show, April 1-3 at the Lexington Center, to get more ideas from them in person, or visit their website at!

Take Your Garage Back with SafeRacks!

loading_bike_2Come to the Collin County Home & Garden Show and stop by the SafeRacks booth to see how you can get your garage back!
It has been said that the garage is the “final frontier” in home improvement. The ever-changing world of home building and remodeling brings unique challenges every year. The garage is no exception. In 2015 alone 1 in 8 homes leased a storage unit to supplement their household needs (NAPO). Eagle Industrial Group Inc. is leading the way in solving the dilemma of home storage capacity. We have designed a creative way to utilize previously unused space in the garage and increase your storage square-footage. Since 2006 our patented overhead storage racks have been trusted by builders, architects and end-users. Our engineered capacities combined with a sleek look and finish provides incredible value to your projects. SafeRacks is a proven, cost effective way to increase storage space within new and existing homes.
SafeRacks is globally available and has proven results in the US, Canada and Mexico. We can quick ship our best-selling racks in two colors from one of seven US and international distribution centers. With an eight week lead time, we can customize the color to fit your needs. SafeRacks are all steel and powder-coated for lasting durability. Beyond that we provide your end-users with a limited lifetime warranty.
Notable cities are allowing overhead storage racks to fulfill cubic storage requirements. SafeRacks is specified by architects and engineers for its ability to fit in tight spaces while meeting cubic space needs. Builders trust SafeRacks for its ease of installation and onsite customization. Installation is less than one hour per rack with one technician. Additionally, Eagle Industrial provides design, distribution and onsite installation services in 33 major US metropolitan areas. Come see us at the show, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.