Take Your Garage Back with SafeRacks!

loading_bike_2Come to the Collin County Home & Garden Show and stop by the SafeRacks booth to see how you can get your garage back!
It has been said that the garage is the “final frontier” in home improvement. The ever-changing world of home building and remodeling brings unique challenges every year. The garage is no exception. In 2015 alone 1 in 8 homes leased a storage unit to supplement their household needs (NAPO). Eagle Industrial Group Inc. is leading the way in solving the dilemma of home storage capacity. We have designed a creative way to utilize previously unused space in the garage and increase your storage square-footage. Since 2006 our patented overhead storage racks have been trusted by builders, architects and end-users. Our engineered capacities combined with a sleek look and finish provides incredible value to your projects. SafeRacks is a proven, cost effective way to increase storage space within new and existing homes.
SafeRacks is globally available and has proven results in the US, Canada and Mexico. We can quick ship our best-selling racks in two colors from one of seven US and international distribution centers. With an eight week lead time, we can customize the color to fit your needs. SafeRacks are all steel and powder-coated for lasting durability. Beyond that we provide your end-users with a limited lifetime warranty.
Notable cities are allowing overhead storage racks to fulfill cubic storage requirements. SafeRacks is specified by architects and engineers for its ability to fit in tight spaces while meeting cubic space needs. Builders trust SafeRacks for its ease of installation and onsite customization. Installation is less than one hour per rack with one technician. Additionally, Eagle Industrial provides design, distribution and onsite installation services in 33 major US metropolitan areas. Come see us at the show, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.