Designing & Remodeling a Space in 5 Easy Steps

Article Provided By: Lauren Clements, SODO HOME Design Center

Step 1: Determine a color scheme.
When doing this, keep in mind you’ll want to notice a difference between old and new – but not a drastic difference – unless you really dislike the old! *Make sure to take before photos.*
Step 2: Determine budget.
This will help you when selecting materials. It is a good idea to break out your budget into different parts. For example, flooring materials, cabinets, fixtures, countertops and backsplash should all be separate allowance line items. This will help to keep quality consistent throughout your project. Oftentimes, clients spend more on materials that are purchased at the beginning of a project, skimping on quality by the end due to budgeting issues.
Step 3: Select materials and contractors – or a contractor who handles materials – like SODO Home Design Center!
You will save yourself time and money by hiring a contractor who purchases, acquires and installs materials for you. This also puts all the responsibility in someone else’s hands – just make sure that someone else is licensed and insured!
Step 4: Get started!
WARNING – this part is NOT FUN. Your house will look like a small child’s room that is being re-organized for the first time in 5 years. If you don’t have kids… imagine taking everything off your walls and floors, out of drawers, etc. and placing it all in one room of your home. Essentially you are volunteering your home to be a construction zone – but you won’t quite know what you signed up for until you experience it.
Step 5: Complete the project!
Before you step into your completed space, take a look at some before photos. Especially if you lived in the home during the renovation. It can be hard to remember exactly what the old place looked like when you watched it change over time. Last, but certainly not least, take after photos and review your project. Post the photos for others to see and review your contactor online – others considering a project with that contractor will benefit greatly. Enjoy your new home!
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