Become an Exhibitor

If you become an exhibitor at one of Show Technology Productions’ shows, what can that do for your business? Just ask one of our thousands of visitors at the hundreds of shows we’ve put on over the years. It means you will be reaching thousands of prime potential customers in one weekend, at one show. These are people that have paid to be solicited by you and are interested in the products or services you offer.

For our home and garden show events, if you are a builder, remodeler, contractor, landscaper, or anyone providing home improvement solutions, these shows are for you. If you are an interior designer, offer home accessories, furniture, anything for outdoor living like patios, pools, spas, bar-b-que pits, outdoor kitchens, playground equipment…then you’ve found the right shows.

If you do absolute anything revolved around the holidays – like selling any kinds of gifts or making any kinds of decorations – then our Christmas Expos will be unmatched with any other marketing or sales  you could attempt.

Some people think being an exhibitor at a home show is old fashioned. But we think it is just smart! Marketing 101 has not changed. If you offer something someone wants to buy, price it, time the offer, and get in front of the right people…then you’ve done what you need to do to be successful. Being an exhibitor at our shows does take effort on your part, but that effort pays off. There is no other marketing or advertising you could do that would put you in front of this many qualified prospects in one weekend. And best of all, you are able to meet one-on-one with your potential customers, proving to them why they should do business with you. Becoming an exhibitor at a Show Technology event will likely be one of the smartest marketing decisions you’ll ever make! So Contact Us now.

We currently hold events in Wilkes-Barre, PA; Collin County, Ells County, Fort Worth and Frisco, TX; Corpus Christi, RGV/McAllen, and El Paso; Roanoke, VA; Orlando, FL, Augusta and Savannah, GA. We hold our Christmas Expo in San Antonio, TX, with more markets to come soon.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Over 3 decades of success in consumer trade shows
  • 21 shows & counting, including some of the biggest around
  • You can reach 86-98% of your city’s media market
  • The cost per lead cannot be matched by any traditional means of advertising
  • We have a proven track record for delivering quality attendance and well-organized shows.
  • You can reach a year’s worth of customers in just a few days
  • We create a sales environment where qualified consumers can see, touch, compare and purchase your products
  • You will receive valuable exposure and profit from an aggressive advertising/public relations campaign
  • Stand above your competition
  • You get the stamp of approval by celebrities and local experts

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