Remodeling For The RIGHT Reasons!

There are many reasons to get a bathroom remodel, and one of the most common is having an outdated bathroom. But, how do you know if your bathroom is outdated or that it is time to remodel for the right reasons?
Unusual colors is one of the common signs of an outdated bathroom. What may once have been a warm gold, has faded to a rather murky yellow, leaving the floor and walls to blend together despite the different patterns.
There’s also a couple flaws that make a bathroom unsuitable for long term use. For example, Its important to measure a toilet properly before purchasing so that you get the right height and style to match with the plumbing in your home. Otherwise, eyesores will abound in most any outdated bathroom.
Additionally, some tubs have no shower option. And though deep tubs are a great way to soak, they can make it difficult for home owners to age in place with grace. If you’re having difficulty climbing in and out of your tub, or find that you no longer use your tub, then it’s time to upgrade to a bathroom feature you’ll adore, such as a bathtub to shower conversion.
Need some color in your life? Updated colors are soothing and refreshing. As a bonus, pale colors visually increase the space of this bathroom, making the ceiling feel taller, and the floor feel longer. Love it!
Another great idea? Using wainscoting adds a professional look, and will also help prevent walls from warping and molding, giving your bathroom a longer life, and making it easier to maintain. Additionally, wainscoting visually increase the height of the room, again making it feel larger and more welcoming.
As for that old bathtub, we can replace it with a low threshold shower that will allow homeowners to age gracefully. A built in shower bench ensures a place to sit back and relax while grab bars ensure the user’s safety.
Ready for a Remodel?
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Landscaping Can Change Your Life & Health… No, Really… Here's How


There are many environmentally sound reasons to landscape.
Professionally designed and well-maintained landscapes protect water quality, reduce soil erosion, improve air quality and lower air temperatures in the summer, which is a huge perk here in Texas!
There are many personal health reasons to landscape.
What we hear most from prospective landscaping clients is that they want to create an outdoor friendly space for themselves, family and friends. Having access to a beautiful environment for relaxing and entertaining will improve your quality of life and decrease your stress level.
There are many economic reasons to landscape.
A professionally designed and installed landscape does more than just make your home look great and cause your neighbors to stare. It increases the value of your home. By a lot. Depending on factors such as starting value, neighborhood and season, study after study shows that landscaping is a much better return on your investment than other home remodeling projects such as kitchens and bathrooms.
“First impressions are as important for houses as they are for people.
If you are considering selling, good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home.” Bob Villa
“Forget wiring your new home for audio, video and data. Pass on the upgraded kitchen cabinets. Say no to thicker carpets. If you really want to add lasting value, opt for landscaping.”
LEW SICHELMAN, Herald Tribune
Landscaping. Worth every penny… and then some!
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Kitchen Trends – Clean White Kitchens Are In

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Kitchen trends, by necessity, move a good deal slower than say gadgets, clothes or even cars. Even if you upgrade to the latest phone every year, follow the latest Paris runway styles and trade in your automobile every three years you probably don’t even consider remodeling your kitchen but once every 15 to 20 years.
Like all trends, those for kitchens tend to come back around in an updated, more modern way. This year, white kitchens are surging like never before, perhaps reflecting a desire for more light in our lives. Take a look at a few of our newest designs here or on our Portfolio page where you can filter specifically for White rooms!
The new white kitchen is a nostalgic reminder of the kitchens we grew up with; perhaps in a grandmother’s kitchen. Many times in that era a piece of furniture would be brought in as an additional work surface or storage area. Often it would have a different top, perhaps a piece of marble for rolling out dough and baking or wood butcher block for chopping.
Where there’s room, the new kitchens incorporate a similar island – the modern equivalent with better storage and seating areas to encourage interaction with the cook.
A kitchen remodel using the latest in appliances, surfaces, technology and design for work flow gives you every modern convenience. Sometimes, you really can’t get better than the original – note the large, deep farmhouse sinks in many of these remodels!
The new light and bright kitchens add to the desired sense of openness that is sought after in everything from open floor plans, natural light and an inviting space.
In every style, from Traditional to Contemporary and Transitional to Modern, the white kitchen is becoming a timeless classic for every family.
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