10 Weeks 'Til Christmas?!

That’s right! But don’t panic! The At Home Christmas Showcase in San Antonio is back and bigger than ever!! And it is now produced by the same folks as your favorite Home & Garden Show!!
November 18 & 19, 2017 check off your Christmas list all in one place!
Find unique gifts for everyone on your Christmas list in one place. With over 500 booths featuring holiday decorations, Texas artisans, jewlery and apparel you can get a jump start on your holiday list. Plus, this event is fun and chock full of holiday cheer. You won’t want to miss out on craft workshops, a holiday food court with everything from strudel to lobster, even a package check to store those must-have items while you continue shopping! And there is something for everyone, with a kids zone to entertain even the youngest members of your family. The at home Christmas showcase, November 18th and 19th at the freeman coliseum. Get your tickets today at Christmas showcase dot com.
Don’t miss out, see you there!

Surfin' for Turf?

What are factors that I should consider in choosing an artificial grass for my garden?

With many environmental and economic concerns in mind, artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular solution for both commercial and residential properties alike. However, it is important to consider several factors when choosing the right artificial grass to create the garden of your dreams. Here are some important factors you should consider:
1. Your budget – If you are going to make an investment into artificial turf for your garden you want to make sure you are staying within your own spending comfort level. Make sure and create a reasonable range of prices to help stick to your budget.
2. Durability and the warranty provided – Always ask about the durability of the grass you are researching and how long the warranty is to make sure you get the most bang for your grass buck.
3. How you use your garden – Are you going to play a game of soccer on your grass or have a relaxing summer picnic? How your garden is going to be used is crucial to what type of grass you choose.
4. Who uses your garden – Do you have young children or pets? If so, you should take that into consideration when choosing your grass.
5. How you want it to look – You should love the way your new grass looks and it should add to the overall aesthetics of your residence. Choosing samples of grass can help you decide what you want before buying.
To learn more about this and get all your Home & Garden #projectssolved, come to the San Antonio Fall Home & Garden Show Sept. 29-Oct. 1st at the Alamodome. This article was provided by Hill Horticulture who will be there to consult on turfgrass and many other landscaping options!

Remodeling For The RIGHT Reasons!

There are many reasons to get a bathroom remodel, and one of the most common is having an outdated bathroom. But, how do you know if your bathroom is outdated or that it is time to remodel for the right reasons?
Unusual colors is one of the common signs of an outdated bathroom. What may once have been a warm gold, has faded to a rather murky yellow, leaving the floor and walls to blend together despite the different patterns.
There’s also a couple flaws that make a bathroom unsuitable for long term use. For example, Its important to measure a toilet properly before purchasing so that you get the right height and style to match with the plumbing in your home. Otherwise, eyesores will abound in most any outdated bathroom.
Additionally, some tubs have no shower option. And though deep tubs are a great way to soak, they can make it difficult for home owners to age in place with grace. If you’re having difficulty climbing in and out of your tub, or find that you no longer use your tub, then it’s time to upgrade to a bathroom feature you’ll adore, such as a bathtub to shower conversion.
Need some color in your life? Updated colors are soothing and refreshing. As a bonus, pale colors visually increase the space of this bathroom, making the ceiling feel taller, and the floor feel longer. Love it!
Another great idea? Using wainscoting adds a professional look, and will also help prevent walls from warping and molding, giving your bathroom a longer life, and making it easier to maintain. Additionally, wainscoting visually increase the height of the room, again making it feel larger and more welcoming.
As for that old bathtub, we can replace it with a low threshold shower that will allow homeowners to age gracefully. A built in shower bench ensures a place to sit back and relax while grab bars ensure the user’s safety.
Ready for a Remodel?
Come by the San Antonio Home & Garden Show, this weekend, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 and talk with ReBath about your needs & plans! Don’t hesitate to bring your pictures, blueprints and questions!

How to Optimize Your Energy Savings

As you go about your day, what occupies your mind? You probably spend your time thinking about what needs to get done at home and at work. It’s likely you pay little mind to small electrical devices consuming electricity and driving up your energy bills. By spending just a moment to shut off items when they’re not in use, you can optimize your energy savings both at home and at work.
Is it Worth the Effort?
With so many other things occupying your time throughout the day, you may wonder: is it worth it to turn off and unplug devices on a daily basis, or is the energy savings not worth the trouble? Well, if you want to save as much energy as possible, then yes, it’s worth switching things off when no one’s using them.
A total of 100 billion kilowatt-hours of energy is wasted annually in the US due to “energy vampires” alone – that is to say, those devices that continue to draw energy from the outlet even they’re when turned off. This collectively costs US consumers more than $11 billion, or about $120 per household each year.
Not only is this energy consumption a huge waste of money, but it also has a negative effect on the environment. If every home and business in America took a stand against energy vampires and made it a priority to turn off and unplug devices when not in use, millions of tons of carbon emissions could be kept out of the atmosphere each year.
How to Optimize Energy Savings at Home
Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to put that $120 back in your pocket each year. Follow these steps to optimize energy savings at home:

  • Turn off devices when not in use. Even things that don’t seem to consume much power when turned on add up over the course of a year. So turn off fans, lamps, overhead lights, CD players, DVD players and other devices when no one’s using them.
  • Unplug devices with power adaptors when not in use. It’s not enough to simply turn off devices with power adaptors. They enter standby mode and continue to consume power. That’s why you need to unplug them completely when not in use. Such items include battery chargers, computers, game consoles, TVs, DVRs, printers and high-end sound systems.
  • Use a central power strip as a turn-off point. This way, when you’re done on your computer, or you’re finished using the home theater, you can simply flip a switch and turn everything off all at once. Be sure to keep any product with a timer or clock display – such as a DVR or DVD player – plugged in so background functions aren’t interrupted.
  • Choose Energy Star qualified electronics, which consume less power while operating and in standby mode.

How to Optimize Energy Savings at Work
You can also take the energy-saving efforts to work with you. Business owners, optimize your energy savings with these tips:

  • Install motion sensors in the bathrooms so the lights only come on when someone’s in the room.
  • Turn off all but the most vital security lights when you leave work every night.
  • Make sure all employees power down their workstations at the end of the day. The power strip trick used at home works well at work too, so your employees can easily turn devices completely off with one touch of a button.

For more tips to save energy at home and at work, please visit Mr. Electric at their booth in the San Antonio Home & Garden Show Feb. 26-28, 2016!

The biggest fall Home & Garden Show in Texas is back!

Find everything for your home and garden in one place!
Take advantage of SHOW ONLY PRICES!
The 27th Annual San Antonio Fall Home & Garden Show
October 4-6 at the Alamodome
Presented by: GSABA
New This Year!

  • Meet Brett Raymer & Wayde King from Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked & check out their bakery tank, it’s pretty sweet!
  • Huge garden supply and plant sale
  • Kitchen & Bath Idea Gallery
  • Texas Cooking Stage
  • Kids Pumpkin Patch


  • Shop the Art, Gift & Gourmet Area
  • Watch live cooking demos
  • Bring the kiddos to the Interactive Kid Zone
  • Dine in the International Food Court
  • And splurge in Dessert Row

Click here for more details