All New This Fall! Each Fall Show will have a New Product Zone!

Our Top Picks of the Best New Products of 2015
Head over to the New Product Zone, located below section 110 to get a sneak peek at some of the best new products on the market! Some of them haven’t even hit store shelves yet and you are seeing it here first! Find products to help you around the house and make everyday tasks simpler and more fun!
You know those little annoying things that bother you when you are checking off your Honey-Do list?
These products solve a lot of those project problems, have you ever drilled halfway into a 2×4 only to have the plug separate from the extension cord? Project Solved, there’s a new product for that!
Or maybe you have family, neighbors, babysitters or housekeepers who need to get into the house, but you either don’t have a spare key or you don’t want to give one? Project Solved, there’s a new product for that!
Ever wish you just had one more outlet to spare or wish the last available hole in the power strip wasn’t too crowded for your last plug? Project Solved, there’s a new product for that!
Ever got that perfect piece of delicate fish to grill and had it fall apart and down into the fire? Projects Solved, there’s a new product for that!
Have a sagging gate that is too hard to open? Project Solved, there’s a new product for that!
Check out all of these and MANY more products in our New Product Zone to see what our top product picks were this year! Learn about new ways you can control items in your home, right from your phone; AC vents, door locks, outlets! Find energy efficient ways to light your way through the dark house at night! See tools that will help your project to be quicker and easier; such as a digital tape measure, the Robocup, Add-A-Handle and more!
Just when you think you’ve got it all, you will find a “must have” item right here!
These products are Show Technology’s top new product picks, we have chosen and purchased these products ourselves and the New Product Zone is not endorsed by all of the inventors or manufacturers of these products.