Pro Roofing Tips for When Hail Nails You

Don’t Delay:
If you suspect roof damage, it is important, for insurance reasons, to discover the extent of the damage as soon as possible. An extensive delay may result in your claim being rejected.
Safety First:
Rooftops are dangerous! It is best to call a professional to examine your roof for damage.
What Homeowners Should Look For:
Examine gutters, downspouts and siding, and look for water damage/leaks inside the home.
Call Your Insurance Company
Be sure you know where your current warranty stands and know what your deductible is. Make sure you understand the procedure for filing a claim. Reputable roofing companies will often send a representative to meet the insurance adjuster onsite while they examine damage.
Beware of Stormchaser Companies
Only use a local, reputable roofing contractor. Request workmanship warranties, credentials, proof of insurance, and references. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau.
Reputable Roofing Contractors
Professional roofers will do a thorough inspection, give you a detailed, written quote and explain warranties and timeline of the job. Thoroughly research ANY roofing company you are considering.
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