Think an Interior Design Consultation is out of your budget?! Nope!

Orlando’s best Home & Garden Show is back at the Orange County Convention Center and offering FREE Interior Design Consultations, by The Design Diva, Natalie Kight! It is easy to feel intimidated by your interiors or know where to begin, prepare to take advantage of this amazing opportunity in the following ways:

  1. Bring photos, drawings and/or measurements of your space.

The more you have for us, the more we will be able to give you. It’s hard to imagine a space without some sort of visual, even for a designer. Bring in what you have. Any existing pieces or floor plans you want to work with. It’s hard sometimes – but any samples of existing colors within your space that will not be removed during the updating process are extremely helpful with selecting new colors for a space.

2. Have a budget in mind.

This is a big one. Although budget plays an extremely important role in decision making, clients rarely figure that part out first – but they should! Having a budget in mind not only gives your designer a ‘stopping point,’ but ALSO helps their creativity flow. Anyone can create a gorgeous space with $2M dollars in their pocket, but if you give your designer a realistic budget you can actually work with, you’re more likely to get a design you can achieve.

3. Take the advice given.

We get it – We haven’t seen your space and don’t quite know your colors. But you came to us for help – so take it! The most important part about receiving a free design consultation is actually taking the advice that is given. Too often, clients will resist the change they were looking for in the first place. Not every decision is going to be comfortable, some will take some getting used to. Design affects the way we live our everyday lives. Change your home’s design, and change yours.

Come on down to the show you know, The 9th Annual Orlando Fall Home & Garden Show, August 10-12 at the Orange County Convention Center to be inspired by amazing interiors and landscape seminars, plus tour over ten tiny homes and learn how to pare down and live a more simple, ‘tiny’ life! And this show is for the whole family, there are kids activities going on all weekend from cooking classes and character meet & greets to art workshops and author readings of great kid’s books; and more! You don’t want to miss this!

Design 101 by Carmina Marie Interior Design

Design 101:

How to break down a design scheme for your home

We live in a time of convenience, where next day shipping, lightning fast search engines and social media are the norm. That means you can find inspiration in less than a second with a few keywords. This leads to tons of ideas, pinning and inspiration for home décor. We even have hashtags that make it that much easier for you to search for the latest trends in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.
But, with all that inspo and options, there inevitably comes, indecision. With our screens filled with amazing work from designers, we want to copy and paste it into our own homes. But unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. What looks and feels right in one space, cannot always be transferred to another. The question is, how can you take that décor from your dream space and bring it into your actual space?
There are three main parts of decorative scheme that can help you get there.

  • Color (just kidding, it is important but it isn’t number one) It’s actually Texture:
    1. So, what does that actually mean? Be aware of all the different textures around you, right now. From the floor, to the chair to the table. All of these different textures add something different to your space. A wood floor can visually add warmth to a room or a soft accent pillow can add comfort. A space that has little texture, will lack dimension and interest.
    2. Try a textured natural linen table runner or two-toned metal lighting accents to bring more visual interest to a room.
  • Shape
    1. This is the best way to stay within a scheme that you like, from rustic to transitional to ultra modern. Your furniture choices can really define the overall look of a space. Mid-century modern pieces are iconic because of their form. Placing them in a room will immediately change the whole feel.
    2. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Looking at small samples, don’t always do the designs justice. Remember to always try to bring bigger samples into the actual room before using it in something like a curtain or a sofa.
  • Last but not least, Color
    1. Deciding on the right color scheme is essential to setting the right tone and mood for a space. I have my clients pick out at least 3 colors that they would like to incorporate into their space. From these colors, we build on what might compliment or contrast with them.
    2. The color scheme seems to fall into place once the client has decided on textures and shapes for their space.

Those are the basics of a design scheme. A good interior designer will always talk through these points with you and guide you through the whole design process. It never hurts to get a head start on designing your dream space.