An Inspiring Letter From Celebrity Kim Lewis

Hey Everyone!
What is ‘ethical design’ really?
Well, I say it is an art form of design that goes far deeper than the surface. As a designer, I remember that moment in my career when I questioned whether or not my work really mattered. How does it leave a positive impact on the world? How can I use my work to help people? How do I “create with purpose?”.
A few short months after leaving ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition“, I found myself in a van on a red dirt road in Ghana, West Africa. Pencil in hand, volunteering with my team; in a 3 day journey to Kumasi, we drew an art therapy center for children who had been rescued from trafficking. We saw firsthand how creativity can empower lives and awaken souls.
The art center was such a success another non-profit asked us to design one for girls who had been rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia. A year later, I found myself in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Renovating a tiny boat outside of Battambang, the art center offers just enough space to transform bruised souls, inspiring confidence and worthiness through a crayon.
Ethical design is a choice, and one we all have the power to make. Whether you travel overseas to create, or you’re right here spreading your gift in the industry, you have the power to change lives through design!
After being the Production Designer for several television shows, I found myself on FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”. Cramming a dining table, stairwell and pantry into 90 SF on paper, I was intrigued, challenged, and for the first time, drawing a house I could see myself living in.
Two years later, and I just moved into my own tiny home, with my new husband and an 80 lb lab puppy. It’s a lifestyle you may or may not choose for yourself, but I’m excited to share honestly how it’s been. “The good, the bad, and the ugly,” as ‘they’ say…
With our local “Community First! Village” and tiny home initiatives around the country spreading like wildflowers, I’m excited to make you a believer. My hope is to challenge you to see this tiny home ‘trend’ as another way to foster ethical design choices for our community and nation.
If you’re a skeptic of tiny homes, come sit on the front row of my seminars at the Austin Home & Garden Show, Jan 13 & 14 at the Palmer Events Center. Click here for appearance schedule!
Can’t wait to see y’all there!
Be inspired,
Kim Lewis