3 Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking


Sleeping peacefully at night? To continue staying dry at night, make sure to check out these easy to identify, but often overlooked warning signs that your roof is or will be leaking soon!
1. Missing Shingles
We are all in the habit of looking straight ahead. As we pull out of the garage and back in, it’s easy to neglect seeing what’s not covering your home. Whether it’s just one or several missing shingles, it’s wise to invest in performing a monthly check up just to make certain that everything is in place.
2. Small Discoloration In Your Ceiling
This is almost a guarantee that your roof is or has been leaking in the past. Often more than not, that tiny little spec or dark spot doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if recognized earlier enough, it can be the difference between a few hundred dollars vs. several thousands in repairs.
3. Search That Scary Attic
It may not be on your to do list, but inspecting the rafters in your attic with every seasonal change is a good idea. This could be considered a valuable preventive measure and by catching the leaks early can save you on repair costs.
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