Why Geothermal Energy IS Right For Your Home

The benefits of geothermal are lifelong. Geothermal systems provide you unlimited comfort inside your home, and you will also enjoy month-to-month savings on energy bills. Act quickly before December, and Obama’s tax incentives will help you purchase a brand new geothermal system along with installation services at little cost to you.
There are plenty of reasons to go geothermal. A geothermal system for the home is:
Affordable with Obama’s Tax Incentives
The Economical Benefits
Did you know you can use the ground next to your home to cool the inside? Well with a geothermal system you can, and you can use less energy doing so, saving you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills!
A geothermal system cools the inside of your home by using coils that are installed underground outside, using 30 percent to 60 percent less energy than traditional systems. You can potentially save up to 80 percent on your energy bill a year. Now that’s being economically savvy!
The Sustainable Benefits
Geothermal systems are the future of home cooling! About 70 percent of the energy that a geothermal system uses is completely renewable.The efficiency of a geothermal system has other HVAC systems beat!
The ground, even just two feet under, is drastically cooler than the temperatures above ground, even on the hottest days of summer! The refrigerant lines are buried underground to take advantage of the natural coolness of the earth. This method is so efficient that it has the same environmental impact as taking 13 cars off the road a year!
You’ll enjoy great refrigerated air, with an environmentally friendly twist!
When you go geothermal, you don’t have to worry about the system breaking or glitching from usage. Geothermal systems are incredibly reliable, and all major parts are warranted for 10 years, just in case. When you choose One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You get two years of maintenance with us as part of your geothermal system package! Our installation professionals are licensed and backed by our U-WIN Guarantee! We guarantee punctual, professional services, and 100 percent satisfaction with your new AC.
Home Comfort
Let’s face it: refrigerated air is glorious when the extreme summer and spring seasons hit!
When the hottest days of summer hit and you need to crank up your AC just to survive. When you go geothermal, you can rest easy knowing your electric bill won’t be breaking the bank.
Along with bringing you the comfort of cool air in the summers, the geothermal cooling method is very stable with excellent indoor humidity control. This prevents the air in your home from becoming “over dried” in the summer. Refrigerated air will not fail you like traditional swamp coolers do.
Innovative Technology for the Home
Geothermal systems are multi-functional and can be expanded with plenty of additional components!
Did you forget to turn up your thermostat before leaving for work? One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating offers smart thermostats with installation. This provides our customers the ability to control their thermostat from their smart phones.
People often forget how important air quality is. Each geothermal system comes with an ultraviolet air purifier and a state-of-the-art electric air filter to keep your family safe from indoor toxins, such as mold and carbon monoxide.
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Keep it cool, keep it efficient and keep it affordable!

Austin, TX is known for having a laid back attitude, “keeping it weird”, amazing BBQ, local music and hot summers. The summer has started and we are well on way to hitting triple digits. When you aren’t at the lake or at the pool, cooling down indoors is vital to surviving the heat. How do you stay cool and keep your home’s energy bill down?  Here are ten tips to save and beat the summer heat:

  1. Getting an AC tune-up is not just a suggestion.  It is important to keep your system properly maintained so that it doesn’t struggle in the peak summer months. You can save up to 20% on your cooling bills just by having your air conditioning unit serviced twice a year.
  2. Check for leaks in your homes’ duct-work. Leaky duct-work waste 20-40% of your heating and cooling energy.
  3. Weatherization isn’t just for the winter months. Adding “green” insulation and sealing air holes in between door and window transitions help cool air from escaping and warm air entering the home.
  4. Upgrade to “Energy Star” products. Old appliances and equipment are “energy hogs”; they waste money and valuable resources.
  5. Take advantage of rebates on efficiency improvements from the City of Austin to reduce your expense on upgrades.
  6. Be sure that your AC unit is properly sized. Get assistance from an energy auditor or air conditioning contractor.
  7. Keep your ventilation clean. The dirtier they are, the harder your AC system needs to work. Switch from disposable filters to reusable air filters. Disposables are excessive, expensive and fill up the landfills.
  8. Shorten your showering time and follow with a cool rinse. It will be refreshing and you could save 2.5 to 10 gallons per each minute you reduce!
  9. Turn on ceiling fans or room fans. This helps circulate air movement and contributes in cooling the room so that you can set your thermostat higher.
  10. Stay hydrated! If your body temperature is cooler you won’t need to have the thermostat set so low.

Don’t let the cost of the summer heat ruin your summertime fun! Keep your home cool and energy bill low. Call the experts at Affordable Air Conditioning and Plumbing to sign up for a Maintenance Membership to save on tune ups, repairs and service. And remember, “Keep it cool, keep it efficient and keep it Affordable!”