Organic Fertilizer – Let's Get Dirty!


Do you want your garden to grow like never before? And be safe
and organic? Anything GREEN will flourish with our worm castings!

With Red Bud Farm’s worm castings, you don’t need any other additives!

Earthworms are some of the cleanest, most helpful creatures in the world! Their excreta (waste)
is formed in tiny, ball-shaped, black pellets called castings. Worm humus (manure) is the end-
product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms, also known as vermicasting.

Use both indoors and outdoors on EVERY plant!

Potted House Plants, Annual and Perennial Flowers,
Gardens, Fruits, Vegetables, Extra Growth Start for Seedlings
Yards, Lawn Grass, Landscaping, Shrubs, and Trees

Plants use castings to fight off fungal diseases. Their high concentration of beneficial bacteria and
microbes work with various elements of the soil to resist plant decay. They are also odor-free.
No chemicals, perfumes, or scents are added, nor removed. Castings can be used directly from the
bag on all plants, indoor/outdoor, house/garden. With castings, you can grow pesticide-free food.

This “black gold” (as it is claimed) is the very best, all-purpose, soil amendment anywhere!

Castings are a repellent to white flies, aphids, spider mites, and other pests that feed on plant juices.
They are non-toxic and safe for exposure to children and pets. Castings will not burn plants in any
concentration. Compost piles are greatly enhanced by earthworm castings.

• Non-Toxic   • Will Not Burn Plants   • Aerates   • Odorless   • Safe around Children and Pets

Worm castings provide the soil with essential enzymes, trace minerals, and helpful nutrients with
no alteration. They add an abundance of nutrients including nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potash,
and phosphates to naturally improve soil quality like a sustained-release plant food.

“Doing what we can for the cause of growing green and being organic!”

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