4 Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners ask, “How do I best take care of my new hardwood?” With proper maintenance, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, serving as an enduring investment in your family’s comfort and property value. Here are 4 tips for maintaining your hardwood floors:

Use Mats and Rugs

Take preventative measures to protect your flooring. With the strategic placement of mats and rugs, you can protect your hardwood from debris and moisture. High-priority locations include:
Doormats should be placed near entryway, the longer the better, so that visitors have ample time to clean the bottoms of their shoes.
High-traffic areas, such as a mudroom or hallway.

Sweep and Mop Often

Another preventative measure is to remove dirt and grime from your floor before it can damage it. Our shoes carry particles of sand and grit that can wreck havoc on a beautiful hardwood finish. When mopping to remove particles from your floor, be sure to use a cleaning agent that will not stain hardwood or remove the finish. Chemicals to avoid include vinegar, citrus, silicon, acrylics, urethane, or tung oil. When vacuuming, take extra precautions to ensure you do not scratch the floor. Vacuum attachments, especially rolling brush heads, can easily scratch a finish.

Get Your Dog a Bed

Don’t let your hound sleep on the ground. The spots where our canine companions spend the most time are obvious because animal fur removes hardwood finishes over time. A dog bed is a sound investment for maintaining your beautiful hardwood flooring, as well as making you very popular with Fido. Pet owners should also be sure to regularly trim their pet’s nails, which leave unsightly marks on your floors.

Polish Your Floor

Applying a polish to your floor can help smooth a floor’s surface by filling in dings and scratches. Be sure that whatever you use is appropriate for the species of wood and the finish. For best results, hardwood floors should be polished every few months.
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